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U-Haul Announces SuperGrand Prize Winner of First-Ever SuperGraphics Coloring Contest and Reveals New Contest “U-Haul Hawaii”


PHOENIX (May 17, 2013) —U-Haul is excited to announce the SuperGrand Prize winner of its first-ever U-Haul SuperGraphics Coloring Contest. Congratulations to Sunbury, Pennsylvania’s own Jamie Jay whose watercolor rendition of the Hawaii U-Haul SuperGraphic was chosen as the SuperGrand Prize winner! Congratulations Jamie!


U-Haul launched the year-long SuperGraphic Coloring Contest in April 2012. With over 400 total SuperGraphic Coloring Contest entries, 29 of the monthly winners were entered in the SuperGrand Prize contest. Jay’s watercolor rendition of the Hawaii U-Haul SuperGraphic first was chosen as the March winner from the 13+ category, and then went on to join the 28 other finalists' artwork that also were entered to win the SuperGrand Prize. Over 10,000 votes were cast to select the SuperGrand Prize winner, with Jay’s artwork receiving 3,171 of those total votes.


 How it worked: On the first of every month, U-Haul selected a different SuperGraphic coloring page for participants to color and enter on uhaul.com/supergraphics/coloringcontest. To collect votes, participants had to share their entry with friends and family. Every month, the most popular U-Haul SuperGraphic coloring entries from each age group won prizes. The monthly winners then sent their original coloring pages in to U-Haul Headquarters and were entered to win the SuperGrand Prize, which is having the winner’s colored U-Haul SuperGraphic on the side of a U-Haul moving van that will be located in or close to the winner’s hometown, along with an official U-Haul unveiling party for friends and family to attend!


“Winning the grand prize was a challenge for sure! I contacted thousands of people to rally up votes for our community using outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, my business website, email, the phone and face-to-face conversation. I never let up and kept telling more and more people everyday,” Jay exclaimed. “If I would have missed one day of not telling people about the contest, I’m sure our community would not have this chance to enjoy the fun event! Everyone pulled together for the win and it was well earned. I’m happy that U-Haul chose my entry to be entered into the Grand Prize contest.”


Since Jay’s watercolor rendition of the Hawaii U-Haul SuperGraphic was chosen as the SuperGrand Prize winner, her winning artwork soon will be on the side of a U-Haul moving van in Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania, which is very close to her home in Sunbury. She also will be the guest of honor during an official U-Haul unveiling party being planned for her friends, family and the local community!


In honor of Jay’s winning Hawaii SuperGraphic artwork and upcoming unveiling party, U-Haul is excited to announce “U-Haul Hawaii,” a new Facebook photo contest beginning on May 17, 2013. U-Haul is encouraging everyone to participate in this fun online photo contest by taking photographs of anything relating to Hawaii, from a U-Haul truck with the Hawaii SuperGraphic to photos of a Hawaiian vacation.  To enter the contest, photos can either be posted on the U-Haul SuperGraphics Facebook page at www.facebook.com/supergraphics or tweeted to @supergraphic using hashtag #uhaulhawaii.  The winner will receive a SuperGraphics Prize Pack including a Hawaii SuperGraphic Poster, a plaque signed by Jamie Jay, a $50 U-Haul VIP Certificate, and a $100 Amazon Gift card. Jay will select a winner based on her favorite “U-Haul Hawaii” photograph, which will be announced on the day of the unveiling event in Shamokin Dam.


“I am excited to have the chance to select the winner of this ‘U-Haul Hawaii’ contest,” Jay said. “It will be an honor!”



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